So many choices.  So little time.

Transaction cues like these are so common, they should take no time at all.

Transaction cues like these are so common, they should take no time at all.

Good design gives people more time for their lives.  On a mobile device, that means taking as much time out of the user interface as possible.  Common selectable cues like ‘add to cart’, ‘save’, ‘subscribe’, ‘delete’, ‘change quantity’, ‘vote’ and more should not make people wait.

Right now, such cues trigger a server call, and on an average mobile connection that means 1.5-3 seconds for every tap.  But, wasting people’s time like this is no longer necessary.

Adding a bit of creativity to common coding techniques, we found a way to get around the mobile time latency by eliminating the server calls usually triggered whenever someone taps a transaction cue.  There are lots of very cool aspects to this that are not obvious at first glance.

We’d love to tell you about them.  Please contact us.

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